Julia Petrich

Business Manager

Julia Petrich joined Treuenfels as a General and Business Manager at our Frankfurt am Main office for the Hessen region in March 2020. She supports CFOs and managers in finance and controlling with project professionals with extensive methodological experience in digitalization, system migration, corporate planning and cost management.

She graduated in banking management (ADG) and has comprehensive practical project management expertise and also fundamental knowledge of project management through her qualification as a Certified Associate Project Manager (Euro-FH). She is also trained in conflict management, strategy implementation, rhetoric and communicating. With over 15 years’ hands-on experience in banking, finance and controlling she has developed a deep understanding of project requirements at both a national and international level. Following positions in retail banking, real estate financing, a development aid bank before joining Treuenfels Julia accompanied the founding of a captive bank in the automotive sector inside the EU.